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Sustainable practices

Packed with meaning

Shipping bags are a necessary part of our business. They protect your items as they make their way to your wardrobe. We are working on implementing the best solutions technology and research can provide. Here’s what we’ve achieved so far:


We’ve drastically reduced the percentage of packaging and plastic used for shipping. All of our shipping boxes, including Style Plan, are made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard.

Canvas tote bags

We discourage the distribution of single-use bags in our stores by providing a purchasable and reusable tote bag option.

Recyclable mailer bags

Our recyclable poly bag mailers are made from 50% recycled materials. They reduce our use of tape and optimize our methods of transportation from the warehouse to your doorstep.

The seeds of change

Carbon offsetting our shipments

Alongside the production of clothes, shipping is one of the worst climate offenders in our industry. We believe it doesn’t have to be that way. More than a goal, we are inching towards carbon neutrality by teaming up with Earth Day Canada to operate a tree-planting program that offsets our carbon emissions created by our eCommerce packaging and shipping. This means that we calculate the amount of carbon emitted by our shipments to figure out how much we need to donate back to plant trees in Quebec. Earth Day Canada ensures that our money goes towards reforestation which includes follow-ups and after-care.

Less paper more trees

Our receipts rolls are now certified by our partner EcoChit, meaning that they are printed on paper originating from sustainably managed forests. For each case of EcoChit roll we use, a tree is planted by the leading non-profit organization One Tree Planted, dedicated to global reforestation.

EcoChit receipts:
100% BPA and BPS Free
Recycled cardboard cores
Paper from sustainably managed forests

Tag along

Details matter. Sustainable clothes need sustainable tags. That’s why all of our tags are made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Our stores

Sustainable clothes need sustainable foundations. Our stores are built conscientiously in partnership with Canadian artisans, using recycled materials and creating minimal waste. Our furniture is locally sourced or upcycled as much as possible. When it comes to updating and renovating existing stores, we choose to make the least modifications as possible to the existing space, always reusing everything we can.

Keeping in mind that each community is unique, every one of our stores is conceived with each neighbourhood and its identity in mind.

Let’s give a shi(r)t

Give your unwanted clothes a new life

In North America, more than 13 million tonnes* of clothing are thrown into landfills every year when 95% of that could be reused or recycled. To reduce clothing and textile waste, we encourage you to bring your gently used garments to our stores and drop them off in our containers.

We recently expanded our Let’s give a shi(r)t initiative across Canada. We’ve partnered with grassroots nonprofits throughout the country who work to divert tonnes of textiles from landfills, ensuring they are redistributed to help those in need.

*Estimates vary

How donations help


The organizations we’ve partnered with gather gently used clothing and give them a second life by ensuring they are reused or recycled. Our certified partner Earth Day Canada ensures that these organizations use only certified recycling programs.


Clothing is washed and sorted at which point it is donated or resold at a reduced price, providing organizations with the much-needed funds to support their communities.

Building communities

There are two ways in which used clothing can support communities. The first is through donations, which help those in need lead rewarding lives. The second is through resale, which generates funds to sustain outreach and assistance programs.

Who we are


Sustainable practices


Design philosophy



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