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Design Philosophy

Designed for Better Living

From purposeful pockets to the very last recyclable button, every product we create is uncompromisingly designed to be as beneficial to you as it is to our planet’s welfare.

Our desire to perfect clothing and capture the essence of modern Canadian living fuels every decision we make. We work hard on elevating timeless essentials to meet today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges.


Easy Care

This garment was designed with your busy life in mind. - Wrinkle-resistant - No iron needed - Technical aspects - Machine washable

In-Transit Series

This garment is made for the busiest lifestyles with optimal comfort and ease of movement in mind.

Dynamic Stretch

Be ready for anything with this versatile garment designed with a soft, multi-stretch fabric for all-day comfort.

Ultra Dynamic Stretch

A soft-but-sturdy multi-stretch fabric that keeps its shape even after extended wear.


Fade-resistant technology that keeps black jeans black for longer.

Special Dye

This authentic colour comes from special dyes. To preserve its vibrant look and prevent dye from rubbing off onto other surfaces, wash before first wear.


All-season garment made with a quick-drying, wrinkle-free, shrink-resistant fibre.

Thermal Lined

Thermal-lined garment that features a brushed finish inside for added warmth and comfort.

Water Resistant

This garment features clever water-resistant technology.


This garment features clever waterproof technology.


A modular layering system designed to snap together effortlessly.

Wind Resistant

Stay durably sheltered from the wind.

Loopback Denim

Loopback denim provides extra comfort, ease of movement, wrinkle-resistance, and softness.

Easy Wear

Navigate the workday full of style and confidence with garments that will help you get ahead. All-day comfort gives you a reason to really love what you do.

Stretch Wool

Our most streamlined weave is applied to a strech-infused wool-blend fabric that moves with you so you can hail that cab and bike to work—all while looking sharp.

Authentic Raw Selvedge

Woven on shuttle looms using one continuous thread. Raw denim naturally bleeds and fades with wear to create creases.

Hydro-Less Process

Uses up to 79% less energy, up to 50% fewer chemicals, and 95% less water than standard methods.


Featherless insulation acts like down while dry but warmer than real down when wet. Designed for functional aesthetic.

Circular denim™

Denim made from post-consumer waste. Worn-out jeans that were destined for the landfill are collected and redirected to a fabric recycler where they are shredded, broken down, then re-spun into new materials.

Ripstop fabric

Ripstop fabric prevents your clothes from ripping by featuring a special interlocking reinforcement technique.

Wrinkle Resistant

Our wrinkle resistant fabrics are treated to resist external stress and hold their original shape.


Readily packable garment that can be stored in its own bag.


Reversible garment that can be worn inside-out or outside-in.


Our Dip-Less process dyes raw, uncoloured denim material to the desired shade, saving considerable amounts of water, energy, and dye.

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