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Solde d’été— Jusqu’à 70 % de réduction*. Femmes Hommes

Nouveautés— Essentiels d’été en coton biologique. Femmes Hommes

Plus de 325 styles d'été en solde. Femmes Hommes

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Our Story

Designed in Canada.
Inspire Better Living.

We believe in considering the impact of the choices we make every day and view those choices as an opportunity to better ourselves. Our purpose is to Inspire a Better way of Living by creating conscious products that last through time. By marrying innovation with eco-friendly processes, we strive to help shape a cleaner, healthier, and more mindful world where human progress is in harmony with the planet's well-being.

How it all started

Frank And Oak was founded in Montreal in 2012, with a mission to create an apparel brand that would speak to a new generation of creatives and entrepreneurs.

What once started as a favourite in Montreal’s Mile End quickly blossomed into one of Canada’s leading lifestyle brands and digital retailers.

A certified B Corp, Frank And Oak is now a leader in sustainable fashion and using innovative fabrics from nature to make products that are thoughtfully designed to help you live better, enjoy more, and feel good in everything you wear.

The Frank And Oak team

Our values

Act with purpose

We design durable products that blend timeless style with functional features that help lay the foundation for better living.

Create communities

We bring together a community of passionate and diverse individuals who want to be part of something bigger.

Inspire innovation

We are a forward-thinking brand that delivers cutting-edge products to fit our customers' modern and evolving lifestyles.

Be authentic

We are driven by passion, not ego. We recognize and celebrate our individuality, strengths, and even weaknesses, but remain humble and open to continuous improvement.

Our 2023 achievements

By adopting circularity and innovation as our design philosophy, we strive to help shape a better, more mindful world where human progress is in harmony with the planet’s well-being. After years of work, reflection, and challenges, and in line with our pledge for transparency, we are proud to share our progress and the significant milestones we’ve reached so far.


of our assortment is responsible.

For us, that means all our products either contain low-impact, cruelty-free, organic, biodegradable, or recycled fibres, or are manufactured using industry-leading technologies and processes. 

Less than 0.5%

of our products feature virgin polyester.

We have (almost) eliminated the use of virgin polyester and replaced it with recycled polyester.


of our denim collection is designed to be circular.

All our denim styles are designed to be easily recycled. This means we craft them using conscious materials, salvaged fibres, and zero rivets. 

Over 70%

of our styles are made using mono-fibres and bi-fibres.

The more fibres are mixed together in a garment, the harder it will be to recycle. That is why we strive to keep the percentage of multi-fibre pieces to less than 30% of our collection.

More than 40%

of our deliveries were carbon-neutral in 2023.

Since October 2022, we have been working with our warehousing and last-mile logistics partner, GoBolt, to make our deliveries carbon neutral. Last year, they delivered more than 40% of our packages. 15% of these deliveries were done by Electric Vehicle (EV), and the rest was offset by sequestering carbon.

Code of Conduct

We require all our manufacturing partners to sign our Code of Conduct.

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we adhere to the highest standards of fair labour practices and environmental protection. That is why we require our partners to have completed, or be in the process of completing, compliance audits conducted by international organizations such as BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production).

Our community

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

It only takes a tiny spark to turn a meaningful idea into an impactful pursuit. Today, we are a group of 300 people from over 20 different countries. Sharing our optimism and embodying our values is our job, but it is also a reflection of our true selves. We stand together on what’s important. Here are a few throwbacks to some of our achievements:

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